My intention has been to return to the descriptively symbolic image with an emphasis toward individual expression and subjective freedom. Because my experience is feminine I seek to create form in works that explore the female body as a symbolic construct for translating my own identity and subjectivity. Therefore, at this point in time, I seek to bring out this subjectivity through symbolic imagery rather than through purely abstract (2D) means.

My own philosophy to painting is opposed to the art of decoration. Although I seek beauty, I believe firstly in the “awakening” quality in art which can also be expressed through violent movement; and even at times, by depicting sadness, horror, disgust and pain.

I am personally searching for a balance between the natural…the observed, and the inward vision. I work initially from life and have then attempted in my atelier to translate that experience into a more symbolic expression for universal truths. My objective is to use the figure as symbol rather than make a direct interpretation of the seen. I have, therefore, avoided a “too real aspect” by using nude figures to eliminate a sense of time and place.


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